The Mabole Malay Association (MMA) was established on 17thFebruary 1984. The primary aim in establishing this social service organization was to conduct various religious, social and cultural events which would enable the Sri Lanka Malays of the Mabole, Wattala, and Ragama areas to come together. Over the last 30 years the MMA has fulfilled its mandate and grown to be one of the most active and vibrant Malay Associations in Sri Lanka.

The founder President of the MMA was Mr. T. Falaldeen and Dr. M. S. Jaldeen, Al-Haj T. K. Jaleel and Mr. T. M. S. (Bunny) Saldin were among its founder members. The past Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers of the MMA, along with the members of their respective Executive Committees worked tirelessly to unite the Malays of the area.

The constitution of the MMA was initially drafted by Dr. M. S. Jaldeen and amended through the years as the MMA catered to the varying needs of the Malay community in the area. The most up-to-date version of the MMA constitution can be downloaded here.


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