Religious Affairs

Alhamdulillah, the project conducted by the Religious Affairs sub-committee to clean the Akbar Town Muslim burial grounds on 14th September was a success. Our male members spent a few productive hours on a Sunday morning neatening the burial ground area and planting some flowering trees around it. Many thanks to the VP, Religious Affairs and his committee for organising this meritorious task and also to everyone who helped out on the day. In Sha Allah, we plan to make this an annual event.

MMA Exco members  Yaqeen Sariffo'deen and Hakeem Meedin, along with senior MMA member Sonna Lye, hard at work cleaning up the burial grounds.
  MMA member Sonna Lye, the lone warrior, hard at work.  
  MMA Exco members Ilmu Sarriffo'deen and Yaqeen Sariffo'deen, along with T. J. Pakeer Ally, beautifying the area around the burial grounds by doing some tree-planting.  
  Ilmu, Yaqeen, and T. J. Pakeer Ally, an active member of the Akbar Town Mosque, enjoying a short break.