Women’s Affairs

SdriIsharaHashim, a dynamic member of the Malay community of Wattala, provided the voluntary service of conducting needlecraft classes for the Malay ladies of the Pubudugamaarea. Pubudugama has approximately 40 Malay families that struggle to face the ever-increasing cost of living in Sri Lanka. SdriIshara and the MMA hope that these ladies will be able to sell their products and thus supplement their domestic income.

  Ladies from Pubudugama watching and learning from SdriIshara.  
  MMA ExCo members, SdrisProjaHaleed, Farida Meedin and AzeezaSamat also learn some needlecraft from SdriIshara.  

Special thanks to SdriIshara for her efforts. In Sha Allah, with her help, the MMA hopes to enable our ladies to have a means of supplementing their family's income by selling their products.


MMA stall selling Malay sweetmeats at the Malay Walk (September 2013)

The MMA organized a Malay Sweets Stall at the Malay Walk held by the Sri Lanka Malay Association at the Padang Complex in September 2013. The MMA stall won the cash prize for the best decorated stall. There was a lot of interest in the food items - bole, sirikaya, cheenakue, dodol, seenima, agar-agar, dosi... to name just a few!


Our thanks to RashardDoole and his youthful team for their help with the décor.

  The items for sale.  

Former President and VP, Youth Affairs (2013), SabirSariffo'deen helping out. 


The MMA team...