Rasa Sayang 2018 tobe held on Sunday 6th May 2018

This mega musical and stage show is being organized by all sections of the MMA co-operating with VP Womens Affairs/Project Chairperson Dr. Romola Rassool, and Creative Director Sdr. Naushad Rassool.


The event is to be held at the Bishops College Auditorium where seating is for 725 persons (550 seats in the main hall and 175 seats in the balcony).


The event will comprise drumming, song and dances depicting the rich culture of the Javanese And Malays. The Indonesian Embassy in Colombo has very kindly agreed to assist the MMA in choreographing some of the dances and is “culturally collaborating with the Mabole Malay Association.” Dance practices are under way at present at the Riptaloka Hall of the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo.