Kumpulan Malam Nite

This event organized by the MMA Youth Section was held on 3rd March 2018 at Lanka Matha Mawatha, Welisara adjoining the residence of Ms. Zamina Sukoor. Around 80 youth members were present. Many team games were organized and a DJ provided the music to keep toes tapping. One of the highlights was the crowning of the Kumpulan Malam "King and Queen".


The Chief Guest was Mr.B.I. Abideen, Member of the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha and Chief Organizer for the JVP in the Wattala Electorate . Sdr. Zakir Sukoor, Sdri. Zahara Sukoor, Sdr. Nabeel Hamid, Sdr. Rifa Abideen , Sdr.Inshaf Tuan, Sdr.Shami Abideen and Sdr. Rizkhan Hassan were in the forefront in organizing this project and Sdri. Zainab Hamid and Sdr. Annad Hamid also provided support. Sdr. M.D. (Tony) Saldin, President, Sdr. Dirshan Jamal, General Secretary, and Sdr. Yaqeen sariffo'deen, IPP/MMA were also present.(photographs courtesy: Inshaf Tuan photography)