Dengue Awareness Program on 28th July 2017

The Mabole Malay Association (MMA) distributed World Health Organization (W.H.O.) approved Dengue Awareness & prevention leaflets in all 3 languages, to worshipers at Mosques in Mabole, Rosevilla, Advissa, and Welegoda after Friday prayers on 28th July 2017.


MMA President Sdr. M.D. (Tony) Saldin, Saudaras' Sana Hassim, Perry Dane, TMA Mutaliph and Rishard Amir were involved in the distribution. Pictures show leaflet distribution at the Mabole Mosque entrance.


The project was headed by Sdr. Sanna Hassim, VP, Social and Cultural Affairs. Sdri. Zainab Hamid also assisted by processing the flyers.